Old Fashion Bag???

  1. Do you think Petit Noe and Nil is an old fashion bag in LV range?

    I have both of them and sat in my closet for years...
  2. I don't consider any LV bags old fashioned! Both are classics and fashionable! :tup:
  3. I agree with John. The speedy is my favorite bag and it's an old design, but I love it!!
  4. Bring them out and use them! LV bags are timeless/ ageless. If you want to make them young and hip, pair them with a trendy outfit. I saw a hipster girl wearing a beautiful vintage Noe the other day and it looked SO cool.
  5. Not at all ... I love classic and timeless bags!
  6. I actually think that the Noe has come back in style! Alot of designer bags these days have the longer strap...including many new LV bags...you will look fabulous with it!
  7. definitely not! petit noe is one of my all time fave bags, and I'm 19!
  8. I arrested a lady today that had the most gorgeous Noe I've seen. It had such a lovely patina...now I want one!!
  9. WHAAAT!
  10. I think most LVs are classics, they can take you from your teens well into your 40s and beyond.
  11. i think LV bags are classic and timeless in style ever, no matter how old are you when you wear one you just look fabulous..
  12. I've owned the Epi 2 tone (red/balck) petit noe for over 12 years now and I still use it from time to time. It's such a timeless bag.
  13. I'm 28 and i got the mono petit noe 2 years ago when i was 26, and i still use it and love. Now i'm thinking about getting a noe in either azur or mini lin. I think they are timeless and classic.
  14. I love the noe, but the shape is not the "it" shape at the moment. However, it's not out of fashion, it's a classic shape. It's just not that hot right now.
  15. I think the Noe is a classic-style bag, never goes out of style. I want to own one in the future, and maybe the Alma.