old epi vs. new epi

  1. is there anyone who has both the old epi's(with goldhardware) and the new epi's(with silver hardware)? i have one question is their any size differential between the two when you put them side by side. i know that there is a huge differential between mono's or damier's and epi's but i was wondering if there was also a size differential between the old epi's and the new epi's:shrugs:
  2. How 'old' is old epi? My DH and I have epi pieces, bought approx 11 months apart, and his is much shinier than mine. They're both black w/ silver hardware. Other than that, they're the same.
  3. oh no the old epi's have gold hardward and the new ones' have silver. also the older ones only have one pocket on the inside
  4. is not old epi ... just gold hardware vs silver hardware of epi leather ... rite?
  5. the sa called it the "old epi" she said the leather of new epi is more supple where as the old epi is thicker. the lv signature on the corner of the bag is also stained with black ink on the old epi's and its not with the new. the old epi's have one interior pocket while new epi's have two and she said something else about the lining of the bags also being different.
  6. i llike the gold better!
  7. ^^ i do too but its the difference in size that i'm worried about. is their a size differential between lets say old epi 30 and new epi 30?
  8. please soemone who has an "old epi" and a "new epi" put the two bags side by side and tell me if one is bigger than the other