Old dreaded restraint and H...

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  1. I went to Macau on business for the past 2 days. There are now 2 H stores there. As I was waiting for the documents to legalize, there were hours I couldn't do anything except wander into H. :push:

    transcendent1 is trying to act like an adult. There was a tri-colored red, orange, and Vert Anis Ostrich 32 Sellier on display. It was a magnificent piece. To my knowledge PBC and angel own this combo :heart:

    It was so tempting to just take the plunge. I tried it on and the Sellier form is marvelous. It's so colorful and appealing, versatile for so many outfits and the spring/summer days. It was 18K USD. :wlae:

    As I now have experiences with different leathers, sizes, styles, colors, and hardware, I know this isn't my grail bag. So I mustered restraint and financial discipline. I'm glad I made the decision. In fact, it feels better to have resisted than to having given into temptation.

    I did get some scarves and thanks to this forum and an unusually cold winter, I am officially a scarf person.One is a limited edition for the opening of the Wynn casino (by Dumas himself), the other is the Fantasies Indiennes in black colorway (for my mother), and another is a Mousseline (so expensive! :wtf:)
    handbags 002.jpg handbags 003.jpg handbags 004.jpg handbags 005.jpg handbags 007.jpg
  2. BEAUTIFUL items T! I have the same mousseline and it is one of my favorite spring/summer pieces---you'll get a lot of use from this beauty!
  3. I ADORE Fantasies Indiennes and am DYING to get one for myself......just can't seem to find a colorway that would work for me.......although the one you bought is just GORGEOUS and could be just the thing!!!!!
  4. good job on the restraint. we're all proud of you.

    congrats on the 3 beautiful new scarves =)
  5. S'Mom, for myself I got this last week. I'm so in love with her. I have 3 pochettes, 2 90X90, 1 70X70, and now a Mousseline. It's certainly enough if I never get anything else but you know that's unrealistic. :lol:

    Just for you.... this is the fuschia colorway.
    handbags 003.jpg
  6. Beautiful!! Congratulations on the 2 scarves and the mousseline!! I have the F.I. in the black colorway and have lots of fun with it (the knots) your mother will love it. I love your new limited edition! The design is stunning!
  7. Beautiful scarves. Such a thoughtful gift for your mother. You showed fab. restraint!
  8. Those scarves are stunners!! So glad you were able to resist the buyitnow-bug, that you can buy something you´ll really love.
  9. Beautiful choices!
  10. Beautiful scarves...

    Congrutulations on the restraint...I just showed some today as well and I am pretty sad about it....you colorful post perked me up though!!!
  11. Good for you for showing self-control! I don't know if I would have been able to do the same!

    And I love the beautiful, vibrant colors of your scarves! Gorgeous!
  12. You can be proud of your self-restraint. Sometimes it really is better to admire and walk away. The few times I have done this, I always feel great later.
  13. Great new scarves! I have that same mousseline -- love it. I admire your restraint too. Now if I had seen PBC's tri-colored kelly (noir, grey), I don't think I could have restrained myself. It is my fantasy bag.
  14. Firstly Congratulations transcendent on your gorgeous scarves. I love the mousse. The colours are so delicate and pretty.
    Secondly, congratulations on your restraint. It must have been difficult!!!
  15. t, Cheers on your restraint. It can be done! :smile: Your scarves are all beautiful. Congrats. :smile: