Old deletes showing up at outlets

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  1. Has anyone noticed this at their local outlets lately? I recently made my way from Savannah to Orlando and hit several outlets along the way. I saw exactly the same deletes everywhere (phoebes, sadies, etc) but I noticed that in the mix they had old odds and ends like old Isabelles, a few tartan totes with fur, maggies, I can't even recall what else. But what was most surprising was that these old deletes were not on clearance, they just had their current 30/20 discount. I went as far as asking them to scan the isabelle I spotted and sure enough it was not on clearance. Do you suppose this is a way in which Coach is testing the rate at which these bags will sell for if they hold onto them longer?
  2. I went to my closest outlet about a month ago and was surprised to see a black Isabelle with brass hardware. It wasn't in great shape so I figured it was a return. Even the SA was a little surprised it was there.

    Then the next week I went to the other outlet in our area and they also had a black Isabelle, so I figure it may not be a fluke after all. It's strange to see old deletes coming back!
  3. Saw a brass/ black Isabelle at my outlet as well! I think that was the only "older" style I saw though.
  4. I think they are cleaning out the vault. I would be happy to find a cobalt Isabelle at 30/20.
  5. I think they've always done this. I've found some great bags because they do this, sometimes 2-3 years after the bags were deleted.
  6. I totally agree, and usually the excitement comes from finding them at a great price. But to me, seeing a bag that I considered 2 years ago selling for the same price as a bag that was just in the boutique 2 months just doesn't seem like much of a bargain. I am always happy to see older styles but wish they would have been in the clearance section.
  7. Well, they should be in the clearance section after so much time, don't know why they are not priced as clearance, maybe the computer system? And sometimes they are clearance priced but in with the deletes by mistake. I always ask for the bag to be scanned to see the correct price.

    As far as being older, if the bag is a great classic or a top of the line beauty, it's still a great bag to me and I love getting them even at 50% off.
  8. Yeah it would be nice if they were clearance priced. I got my Black Rory last November at 50% off and I was excited to find one. A week later I was able to get a PA for an additional 20% off. A couple of months ago I got a Fuchsia Rory clearance priced at 65% off which was a great deal.
  9. What a lucky find! I have a cognac rory and would love it :smile:
  10. I recall finding Julianne - years after they had been in FP. I was overjoyed :smile: