Old Damier vs New Damier color

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  1. Hi everyone. I bought a preloved damier recoleta, but I just noticed that the colors of the damier ebene is different than my new Trevi. My Trevi has a darker tone to it, where the recoleta has a more 'brown' / somewhat lighter color to it.. if that makes sense..

    anyways.. does the damier color change over time, and my recoleta is just an aged color (i think the stamp is 2003. can't recall off the top of my head), or was the material different back then a different color?

  2. I think it's because it has aged, with exposure to sun, rubbing, etc. just regular use. My damier speedy looks a little different (I mean really not much) than my damier neverfull that I bought a month ago ...and it might be slightly different but I don't think so.
  3. i think a picture would help
  4. My Damier items do not have identical canvas hues... I selected my newest bag from a choice of 3 and 2 of them were much lighter than the one I chose
  5. ^Wow, I did not know that! Interesting...varies hues of damier! LOL!
  6. LV changed the interior on the Damier collection pieces to a red. Your earlier bag is the earlier color lining. It has NOT faded, LV finally took the step to red after so many customers asked for it. The older color is like a burnt orange or sienna like color.
  7. Agree... :yes: Any pix?
  8. Oh, do you know when that happened? My dad's girlfriend has a LV Ebene, and it's interior is a lot more orange than the newer neverfulls I've seen!

  9. ITA Addy, even my mono's are different shades
  10. i've never seen this. but people have said that their damier bags differs in color, even when they're brand new. and this is apparently normal because the bags came from different canvas roles.
  11. Does this shade variation also apply to azur? I went to Singapore LV last december and found that the azur displayed there is more purplish/lilac shade than mine that is more blueish grey if kwim. I didnt ask the SA as I didnt bring my bag at that time, so it might be difficult to get an explaination. But it totally make me wonder, because its different from the stor I boughtt which all have the same shade?

  12. agree. mine too.
  13. It's normal to have different shades. My mono's are different hues too and different levels of "shininess" on the surface. I compared when they were new and there was a definite difference. Even the hardware varied a bit in the shade of gold-- one was more deep gold and the other more silvery but I wouldn't have noticed the difference unless I compared. They were made in different places but my guess is it has more to do with the batch of canvas/hardware than where it was made.
  14. I think damier canvas has different color..some's greenish and some's brownish. I prefer the brownish canvas so everytime i buy a damier bag i choose the brownish. I think it's more lightful and not too dark.
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    Hi everyone! I'm new and would like to say hello to everyone first. I'm very happy to become a part of your community. :biggrin:

    Well, I have a question about the Damier Ebene Canvas color. I have been using this simple card holder (N61722) which was purchased @ louisvuitton.com.


    Since I really like the design and the color of Damier Ebene Canvas, I decided to purchase the billfold 6cc wallet (N61666) from louisvuitton.com. The date code is CA0170.


    When I opened the box, I immediately noticed the slight different color. Slightly brighter and less shinier. The fonts are thicker too.



    Personally, I like the darker tone brown better.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if the factories in Spain use the different fabric ..... Or, they started using the different fabric recently?? Or...??

    Please educate me. :smile: