Old Color (2003?)

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  1. Does anyone remember the color from the 02/03 timeframe that Balenciaga called "camel"? It is like a luggage cognac color, honey-brown toned. I always kick myself for not buying that color in the City when it was available but back then, the thought of spending over $1K for a bag was incomprehensible. Boy has my reality become skewed since that time! Does anyone have this color? I am so hoping Balenciaga brings it back. I had it for a brief time in the First style, but it was too small so I returned it to NM.
  2. I think this is the color you're talking about, the Work bag behind the red-orange Twiggy. Murasake took these pics recently at the NMarcus in SF. Beautiful color...I'm thinking of it too![​IMG]
  3. I know exactly what colour you mean. A couple of months ago I saw a camel city on ebay and I was thinking of getting it but I didn't and now I regret it so much! I'm still thinking of her:sad:
  4. roey & angstofgumby: that is the color i am looking for in the city too! although, i wasn't aware of balenciagas back in '03. :sad2:
  5. Yup, that's it! I had that same bag and never would have returned it had it not been too small. It was a really gorgeous, rich color IRL.