Old Coach Styles

  1. Is there some website that catalogues photos of previous Coach designs? It seems like after a couple of months when Coach moves their inventory around...the old styles are never seen again.
    I got my first Coach bag in March of this year, its really beautiful. It is a tote- gold suede optic....it looks very mod. :smile: But since then I have never seen it again. Anywhere. not on ebay or anything. If I didn't have it in my closet right now, I might believe it never exsisted!!
    So when I see some Coach on ebay I have never seen in my life, is their somewhere I could go to look up a style # to see if it is really a Coach bag???
    Perhaps....I am at that website?:nuts:
  2. WOW> I just read that thread about Coach website....coool feature.
    LOVE IT> just found by baby.

    nevermind. I am new. :shame:
  3. I love that bag it's so cute!!!
  4. Does anyone know if Coach made a small bag that is tartan plaid pink and purple. I wanted to purchase it on ebay for my granddaughter and I am concerned it isn't real. I have done searches but I can't find anything. There are pictures but I am not able to tell. The feed back on the seller 1 doesn't really help. It is going off in 2 days so I need Hepl ASAP. Thanks anyone ZIP
  5. Ashley, There is a reference guide here on the purse forum you can check out....There are vintage bags along with the other current lines of bags from the last few years.
  6. Please go to the Coach Shopping forum, click on the Authenticate This Coach thread, and follow the instructions in the first post about how to ask for authentication. We need a listing link and some other information.
  7. I have that bag... It isn't pink and purple, it's pink and black (which sorta looks purple on the listing) with green, and the leather is black patent. I can't say if that particular one is authentic or not, but I do have one that is. It is 100% wool.
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  9. Has anyone seen the International Shoulder Bag I have been searching for it and haven't been successful. It's canvas and leather and has 3 compartments.
  10. Please start a separate post with the name of the bag in the title rather than add on to a nonrelated post that has been inactive for four months - you'll get a much faster response.