Old Celine seen in Warsaw Vitkac store

  1. just came back from Vitkac in Warsaw - it’s a multi brand store with Celine concession. Saw (all with old logo)
    - box (Black, pink goat, mint, lizard or python not sure sorry)
    - trotteur
    - Micro
    - nano
    - clasp (many colours)
    - belt
    - small trapeze

    and a quite few more.
    Now - I’ve asked whether they send via post and they felt reluctant but if anyone is interested, get in touch with them. I’m not in position to buy atm but wanted to pass this if anyone is really looking for a specific bag
  2. Oh hi, I might be interested in pink box. Do you have the contact there? Is it possible to buy online and have it shipped within EU?
  3. Think you need to call them directly - didn't capture the name of the SA with whom I spoke. That's their site

  4. Ok, thanks!