Old BV styles vs New BV styles. Thoughts?

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  1. Hi all. I love this forum and am new to BV. Recently I have purchased new the Cervo Shoulder bag in light grey. Then sold a bunch of LV things to finance Cervo Baseball Hobo in Elephant, Lauren Clutch in Gigolo and large Veneta in Camel. I love them all! I had my eye on a Sloane in Cranberry. In the mere minutes I was making up my mind it disappeared. I guess it was sold. I was so sad. This is my question. How do people feel about the newer designs in the boutique? I vastly prefer older styles say 2007-2012. Are you guys loving the current bags? I guess my bank account is grateful I have to buy what I like second hand. The bummer is the choices are much more limited. Any thoughts on this? I find the newer hobos a bit fussy. Is that just me?
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  2. Personally, I love the older BV styles... but the same is true for other brands as well. New styles always take a long while to grow on me. Which works out for me in terms of cost as I also prefer pre-loved as Iike the feel and drape of the leather better.
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  3. I totally agree. I used to prefer my LV preloved because they had patina and were more broken in. I agree it is a cost benefit!
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  4. I love my broken in petite noe more today than I did when I first got it brand new 20 years ago! I am not a fan of the light Vachetta.
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  5. I love the new Lauren clutches, nodini bags and espadrilles. I prefer the older Lido totes in treatments no longer available and larger cervo loops. But, I’m hopeful that the future will bring more styles I love.....
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  6. I love the new Lauren clutch too. Mine should arrive this coming Monday. I don't know the Lido tote. I will check it out. So many gorgeous colors I see in past collections. Maybe those soft nudes and pinks are more available in Spring. I am new to it all. Thank you for your reply!
  7. +1 on the Nodini, such a great bag that fits more than you’d think!
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  8. I like both old and new bags. What surprises me is that bags I thought were quite popular get discontinued. Is it due to sales or because it’s time to change it up?
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  9. I tend to favor a bag by the style not necessarily whether it is from a previous collection or a current collection
    & the cabat & knots in particular.
    Personally think the "cabat" is timeless & serviceable in a wardrobe & only gets better with time.
    I also do like the Lauren & am anxiously awaiting the debut of the new BV designer to see what he has in store
    for long time clients as well as new clients
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  10. i too, prefer classic styles, cervo hobos, Veneta, Cabat, Pillows...
    new styles look too structured for me
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  11. My absolute favorite bag is my large Belly Veneta
    It is years old
    The leather has become soft slouchy smooshy
    I don’t think this style is in production anymore
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  12. The new styles can not compare with the old ones, mainly because of the poor quality of the leather. I had a look round the BV store today and was appalled by the new Luna bag. The leather looked stiff, thin and cheap. The Nodini flap leather shoulder bag also looked very poorly made. I miss the lush, smooshy leather of yore. Hang on to your oldies!