Old bags are good....

  1. Here are a few of my current buys....older 'vintage' Koobas. I tell you, some of these styles are as good as the day they were introduced.

    Here is the camel vintage Kooba:
    CamelKooba-front.JPG CamelKooba-buckledetail.JPG CamelKooba-interior.JPG CamelKooba-back.JPG CamelKooba-Side.JPG
  2. Now the black 'vintage' Kooba, the sister of a tan one I also own:
    BlackVintageKooba-front.JPG BlackVintageKooba-back.JPG BlackVintageKooba-interior.JPG BlackVintageKooba-side.JPG
  3. And the little burnt orange 'vintage' Kooba, some of you have seen before.

    There is a white one in eBay just like this right now, they call the style Salis, but I think that refers to the color (salis is 'salt' in Latin).
    BurntOrangeKooba-front.JPG BurntOrangeKooba-back.JPG BurntOrangeKooba-interior.JPG BurntOrangeKooba-side.JPG
  4. Oh, Lindy those are all so gorgeous!

    I emailed the seller about the "salis" style name & she said the tag didn't have a name on it & she didn't know what the name was.

    White is just not my color, but I did admire it! Now yours is a more practical color. I love your new additions!
  5. Lindy, you're the Vintage Queen! Think Kooba should go back to this kind of lining again, so much more fun (and harder to fake, I'd imagine...) although I did love the suede, think the new dark cotton is drab:tdown:
  6. From one Jessie lover to another.... Wow, I do believe if these were released by Kooba again, they would become hot sellers. They are gorgeous - you have fabulous taste. I'd definitely consider them for my wardrobe.
  7. LOVE the camel - great find!
  8. Yep, I agree - old bags are good. :tup: I've posted my 5 under the vintage link. Got a blue one like that camel and I LOVE them all!
  9. Just catching up on some posts I haven't followed for a little while........I love the leather on all of those great old Koobas. Aren't their bags just awesome???
  10. I really prefer these older bags and am always lookin' for more, LOL!:wlae:
  11. O man that 1st one is amazing I adore vintage kooba prob even more then new!! If you ever decide that 1st one has to go you've got your buyer right here ;)
  12. Oops Bessie, I think it sold on eBay a few days ago. I'm not sure I could have let it go, it looks gorgeous.