Old bag . . . new obsession

  1. I have just recently become obsessed with this bag that I found on eBay. Does anyone have it? I don't know the name, but I know two style numbers. One is leather and one is suede. What do you think of it?

    [​IMG] Style 9741

    [​IMG] Style 9664
  2. Very nice imho. I may need to find one of those too now :yes:
  3. Soho (suede/leather) Shoulder Flap retailed (278.00).
    It's a feminine, sexy bag! This is one of the first bags I bought from 2004 catalog in Lilac Suede & Mahogany leather. I am sorry to say I never used it! (Oh the agony of a Coach girl!) So I cannot tell you about functionality. It's gusseted at the sides but is not very wide maybe 2-3 inches. 13x8? Came in camel and blush suede and I believe white black and camel leather. It's a nice piece to have in your collection!
  4. I have it it white and it is a great bag but as the previous member mentioned....it is not very wide (approx. 2 inches stretched to the max) so I kept having to arrange everything in my bag every time I went into it for something and that bugged me. If you don't carry too much it is perfect. I carry a checkbook wallet all the time and that is the reason that I needed to arrange all my stuff all the time...that wallet takes up a good portion of the space inside.
  5. There are two versions of this bag, one's a little smaller than the other. I had the smaller one in suede and the larger one in signature and thought that they were both great bags. I only ended up selling them eventually because they were both brown and I've already got too many brown bags. This bag came in a rose/burgundy color combo and a lilac/chocolate combo that are just beautiful.
  6. I've only seen it on eBay too. Such a pretty bag!