Old Armatura Question

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  1. Does anyone know when the very first Armatura introduced? TIA!​
  2. Hi there, myprecious. I understand that the original Armatura was first introduced in 2007. Tomas Maier created Ginza Pyramid (pic attached) to commemorate the opening of the BV Ginza flagship boutique on 7th April, 2007. :flowers:

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  3. Thanks Mid. Did they also produced the Armatura Veneta the same year?
  4. That came out in 2003.
  5. ^^^ I am confused. 2003? I do think that BV had some silver/armatura-like colors way back then but it was technically not called Armatura. Armatura as we define it, is the fettuce with the "lasered-lines" finish. The silver pieces way back when are pure smooth leather... no laser lines.
  6. I understand that 2007 was when the original Armatura with the laser lines came out.
  7. Thanks everyone for the input. That's too bad that the Original Armatura is being discontinued. Love BV's metallic colors, even DH thought they were nice! :biggrin:
  8. It's not too late to get an SLG from Hawaii, I believe. If you don't have this metallic yet, it's worth getting. I like this one better than the Elephant Armatura. I missed out on Copper Rame, and so many others, so this helps satisfy my BV metallics craving.

  9. Wow!:nuts:
    That is a pretty neat bag. And how lucky for those who snagged one.

  10. Thanks shiba_inu for the info. I will definitely check out the SLGs.
  11. Pardon for my delayed post. The Armatura Veneta came out later in 2007 (or could have been early 2008). Then the Elephant Armatura Veneta was introduced for the F/W2009 season. I was disappointed too when I learnt about it being taken out of the SO list and then discontinued.

    Fwiw, last month the Ginza boutique still had some (original) Armatura Venetas. Hope you find something in this lovely colour that you love.
  12. I love both the Original and the Elephant Armatura...I have a wallet in the original and the large veneta in the Elephant...she is currently in training...they are wonderful metallics...
  13. I agree. I pulled out my Armatura Veneta today and she is beautiful. myprecious (do you like LOTR?) you really should get an SLG in the original Armatura if you can swing it. There is just something about BV metallics. I never feel gaudy when wearing them.
  14. Yes Jburgh, I do! Instead of the ring, the bag is my precious! LOL. I was not a big metallic bag fan, even when I was in LVoe with LV I didn't care for it. I'm not in to "bling bling". But when I saw BV in the Original Armatura & Copper Rame, I fell head over heels! :nuts: I need to give BV Hawaii a buzz to see what they have in SLG...

  15. Love the Elephant too! You have a nice collection, Grandmommie!