Old and new...

  1. I've been lurking on this forum for a few days now and am getting increasingly attracted to the Jumbo Flap in black with golden hardware. I guess my question is, this is a classic bag that Chanel continually produces, right? So what is the difference between a "vintage" one and the newer ones? At the risk of sounding daft, I am really not familiar with Chanel so excuse my ignorance. :confused1: I really am curious to know if there is anything in appearance that will tell you one is a vintage jumbo flap (from say 10 yrs ago) and one was just bought last month assuming both are in excellent condition!

    Thanks, ladies!
  2. In some versions the CC lock is larger than others. The variations are slight. It is a very classic purse and one you will not have to worry about going out of style.

    I personally LOVE the older flap w/ the huge CCs. I'll find a pic and post one for you.
  3. A new one and a vintage....
    dsp_dsc07938.jpg 6774_1.jpg
  4. Thanks so much, Sophia!
  5. Some of the vintage are also the XL jumbo which is bigger than the current jumbo made today.
  6. That's true...I want one of those! Is it comparable in size you think to the Reissue 228? The XL Jumbo that is.
  7. ^Hey girl. I'm coming to steal this baby!! LOL :heart::heart::heart: the chocolate brown.

    PS. So good to see you back.