Olay Pro-X....Anxious to Try It!

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  1. I love Oil of Olay products, especially the Regenerist line, and I have been using it for quite a while and always go back to it after trying higher end department store products like Este Lauder, Lamcombe, etc. Now, Olay has come out with their Pro-X line, and I really want to try it, but I want to know if anyone has bought this product yet and is using it, and what your results are in your estimation. It seems expensive when you can pick it up at Walmart for $60, but it is still cheaper than a lot of the higher end products that don't work as well for me. Anyone try it yet????
  2. My mother is currently using this line, and she loves it. She was using Kinerse before, and it made her face really puffy in the mornings, so she tried Olay's Pro-X and I think it makes her face look really refreshed and nice.
  3. Maybe because it is so new, there aren't many opinions about it yet. I'm hoping there are others. Thanks, Habibti....
  4. I haven't tried it but it seems to be flying off the shelves at my Target!
  5. I spent very very close to $300 on moisturizers and potions at Dillards about six months ago on products that I had hoped would make even a slight difference on my skin. Everything seemed to do just as much as my Olay Regenerist, so I'm thinking that spending $60 bucks or even less with that on that website that pinky_ohana mentioned above on this new Olay product just might be worth a try. Winter skin is always a drag anyway......
  6. $10 off $50 for New Customers on Drugstore.com PLUS 6% back from e Bates.
    My fingers are soooooo itching to do it!
  7. I'm doing it! First thing next week!
  8. I'm interested in this line myself, any opinions to share yet? Compass Rose, anyone? :biggrin:
  9. I've been using it for a month now, I like, it, but then I like the Olay Regenerist products, and a couple (not all) of the Definity products:shrugs: HArd to say if this is going to be a miracle, or just a higher priced Olay line.

    I'm a sucker, I'll probably stick with it, especially as someone has mentioned, drugstore.com gives you drugstore dollars for purchases, which can be ysed as discount no future purchases, plus that other rebate.

    Ola has a coupon for 25$ off (I think?) but can only be used one time by the same person at the same address.

    Plus I like ds.com has free shipping over 50$ and no sales tax! I buy in some quantity!
  10. I've been using olay prox for a month, I can't tell any difference, I will go back to the olay regenerist line, it does the same thing. I have already recieved the $25 rebate, so it wasn't that expensive. I have also had the affirm laser facial rejuvenation so I thought the olay prox might give my skin a boost, but when you are 67 I don't think anything would help, younger skin would probably be helped more. gofngal
  11. -eh, so far same here, i may or may not buy it again, depending upon how flush I feel $$$-wise. Not that it's bad, all OLay is good, but yes, I like the Regenerist a lot, and less $$$

    _One advantage to the ProX is that the face treatment is one step - SPF built in, where I would have to apply Regenerist serum and then a moisturizer with sunscreen. I know some of the other Olay (Total Effects maybe?) have SPF, but I really like the Regenerist and would stick with it.
  12. I always try new things, especially when the price is as low (I so PLAN to submit the rebate form... Haha! I guess I never will - I'm too lazy to go buy stamps)

    Anyway, I loved the eye cream: really nice texture, and it's fragrance-free. I also appreciate the form factor for sunscreen bottle: while Regenerist bottle is semi-transparent, this one is 100% opaque. Packaging is very important!

    For the same reason I won't buy the jars with facecream: I don't want the facecreame to get contaminated with bacteria - no thanks!

    I think the trial kit is totally worth trying. I will use the eye cream in the future too.
  13. OK, update: been using it since before my last post, and I am not overly impressed. I like the Regenerist bettr.

    As someone else said, it is nice skip one step by having the sunscreen in the morning.Does anyone else think it smells like sunscreen?

    But I'm not sure I'll buy it again. Not bad, just not fantastic...:shrugs:
  14. Thanks to all for the updates. I never did buy any of it yet, as I still have a few Regenerist products left that are at least half full. I'm still tempted because I am a sucker for new things. I was hoping that someone would say "WOWEEEEE"!!! No more wrinkles!!!!! Ha, ha!