Olay beauty products suitable for all ages??plz help!

  1. hmm..just wondering whether olay products are suitable for all ages?
    I want to try their whitening essence..cuz it seems like a trustworthy brand and a lot less expensive than all the others too!! but I'm 22 so i don't know whether it'd be too strong? or too weak for my age?:push:

    please help!!:yes:
  2. i have used their moisture lotion since i was your age only at night in the winter time. now i am over 50 i use it day and night all year round. depends on your skin type.
  3. I would think that it would be just fine as long as you are using the type of skin cream formulated for your skin type.
  4. I started using O:huh: moisturizer/sunscreen when I was 16ish. I actually do like the line as a whole but I don't believe the sunscreens offer enough protection.
  5. I'm sure you would be fine with it, unless otherwise noted on the jar/bottle. Most creams will say it's for mature skin when it's meant for people older than you, but otherwise anyone can use it!

    You can always get some help from the salesladies as well, to feel more comfortable. My mum would let me use her Olay when little, so my guess is it's ok.
  6. I have heard from friends that the oil of olay total effects is really really good.
  7. I use their face wash and exfoliators and I'm 14. They're fine for me.
  8. I do not understand...are there grocery store facial products that are NOT suitable for all ages? Olay is an over-the-counter product...I'm not sure why it would not be safe to use...:confused1:
  9. I LOVE their foaming face wash! Takes your makeup right off!
  10. thanks for all the replies!! I dunno where I heard that from..I think I read it on the news once on the internet about how olay products are more oily and for older people but I'm so tempted to use it cuz the price seems so reasonable!! ok.I think I'm going to give their whitening essence a try and let you girlies know how that goes!! thanks!!:yahoo:
  11. Good luck - don't forget to share your experiences with us!
  12. olay is just great! I just read an independent study that said olay with SPF is the best every day one and their definity line is as good if not better than $100 plus ones.

    Olay is just fine for your age, I used it in high school
  13. I have used oil of olay since I was in high school and I'm 22. I love their products and it works really well for my skin. Now I just use aveeno exfoliating cream, dove sensitive skin bar soap, an Dermatologist cream to mix with olay and that is it. I have clear healthy skin. Give olay a try and tell us what you think. Make sure you try it for a while to let your skin get used to the new product.
  14. This was my first moisterizer, and I still include it in my daily regimen. Although no anti aging just yet.
  15. I'm talking to my derm about anti aging next time I see her. I know 18 isn't a bad age to start preserving your skin, I wish I knew that before.