Olav PM owners - anyone have? how do you like?

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  1. hello, I am once-again reassessing what bag I will give my Mom for xmas.

    If you have an OlavPM (it is Damier), please let me know if you like it how you use it, is it big enough.

    Much Thanks!
  2. I purchased one about two months ago and sad to say don't like it at all.
    It is very hard to get into, I literally was scraping my knuckles on the zipper every time I tried to pull something out of the bag. It does not hold very much at all. Don't place any Damier pieces inside with the dark brown interior and a small opening it is so dark you can hardly see to get anything out. :flowers:
  3. I would have to say the same about the Naviglio... :sweatdrop:

    But yeah... as for the Olav PM... it's sooo super small IRL. Have you looked into any of the new Damier Melville bags? :idea: