1. :nogood:so my best friend is expecting her first child in february && i know the perfect gift for her but idk where i'd find one or if it exists, are there chanel baby diaper bags??
  2. Better to make a thread in the Chanel subforum. :yes:

    Hmm I think the Baby Animals collection would make a cute diaper bag.
  3. I use the larger high end bags I own for my diaper bag. Any desinger would do. That is just me. It is very easy to have all your purse essentials, as well as a couple onesies, bib, etc all in there. I don't carry bottles in my bag though. I have a separate mini cooler type thing (Playtex Fridge to go) and I love it. Baby's bottles stay cool so if we are out for a long time they don't go bad. I just took a page out of Kate Moss's book and went with it.
  4. I think Diaper bags are a very personal thing. Some people like pockets galore, some people like huge bags, some like small bags, etc. (though really you need a big and a small bag to fit most mom needs).

    Second, does she plan to breastfeed and for how long. I know for me, I never used a bottle at all, so I didn't have to worry about a place to put them, but by the time my LO started to drink water, I needed a place for a sippy.

    Some people like sippies on the inside of the bag, some on the outside of the bag. Some people don't mind if you can see the sippy from the outside, other people do. And really? She can't know her preferences until she has a baby. You can think you know what you'll do and want all you want, but as soon as you go to use it, you'll see what you like and don't like. And, her needs will change as the baby grows as what you carry changes. For moms who will use whatever, they'll make do with whatever, but for us, um.... snobs! (like me!) I want the bag (or stroller) to match my needs as closely as possible because I don't want to be inconvenienced.

    My experience has been that Coach and Kate Spade and the like don't make the most functional diaper bags, but that's just me. I much prefer some of the other bags.

    Actually, there's a thread below that I started something like, "Looking for a bag that can do all this". I'm looking for a purse with style to use as a diaper bag.

    Other bags that I have LOVED for diaper bags are the Rafe Kate bags, and HANDS DOWN the favorite big bag is the Not Rational Hansel. But... that's just me, other moms will like something different!

    BUT... can I say, what a GENEROUS friend you are??? WOW!!! She'll love whatever you give her, I'm sure!