Okay, you're gonna think I'm nuts.......

  1. but I just bought Erica's rouge vif twiggy!!! :yahoo:

    I've been really torn about my whistle :s ......love the leather but not the size of the bag. I'm a big bag person so, I've decided to return my Rouge whistle. It was the small and so cute but I'll never use it since I have 3 kids and a lot of stuff! I think I got sucked in by that smooshy gorgeous red leather and forgot all about the practicality of the bag I was buying. Anyway, I'm thrilled because, low and behold, a rouge vif twiggy showed up this morning...........woohoo! So I jumped on it. It's very similar to the large whistle except it has the extra strap so I'm sure it will be perfect for me. I'll post pics when I get her!:smile:
  2. yippy, congrats on your new rouge VIF twiggy from one of the best sellers in the whole wide world!!! :yahoo:
  3. congrats!! i love the twiggy and in red....beautiful, don't forget the pics please!
  4. congrats!!! :party:
    we'll be waiting patiently for ur photos :yes:
  5. Congratulations. I love the color, the style and the seller. Great choice.

    No I don't think you're nuts, but I'm nuts myself so...:nuts:
  6. Congrats again:yahoo:I am the second nuts here and i think every one knows that by now.:nuts:
  7. ^^ let's face facts gals, all of us are certifiable, but in a good way (lol!!!) :p :nuts: :wacko:
  8. No, no, no....we aren't nuts......we are just passionate ;)
  9. ^^ lol, yeah, passionate like a nutcase!!! :roflmfao:
  10. that was a very sensible choice! CONGRATS! can't wait to see pics :heart:
  11. :yes: :yes: Thanks girls!:yes: :yes:
  12. I love rouge vif of anything!! :nuts: Congrats girl! :yahoo:
  13. Best to get something you will enjoy! Rouge VIF is devine...