Okay who would swap?

  1. I have a purple patent Bayswater that I got for Christmas and I really want either a chocolate Elgin or Bayswater.
    Are we allowed to ask who would be interested in doing an even swap for these bags?

    Just curious because although I love the purple, too many people have told me it drains the colour from my skin!
  2. I love my current bags too much to part with any of them (and I don't have a plain bayswater anyway- I have the ivy choco one) Good luck though!
    Maybe you could e-bay it or just a thought- maybe contact one of those bag hire shops to see if they'd purchase it off you or do a swap?????
  3. I just find eBay really <Ick!>
    The fees are crazy and then there are the Paypal fees. Not to mention all of the fakes floating around. I would not even know who was legit enough to buy a bag from.
    It is all too much.
  4. I don't think we are allowed to arrange swaps on here.

    While the purple patent Bayswater is gorgeous, I'd never swap my chocolate Elgin for one, I'm afraid. I love it too much.

    Regarding eBay - while there are obviously loads of fakes on there, there are also lots of genuine bags sold by people like us, trying to fund a purchase of a new bag. Use the Authenticate This thread if you have any doubts.
  5. Shame if we can't swap bags. If we could temporarily swap bags for a few months....I would be too scared to use them though.