okay who else thinks these are ADORABLE?

  1. I just got an email from Steve Madden, which I usually ignore....but today I was bored and waiting for a meeting, and i opened the email titled something like, the pumps you must have this season or something.........and saw THESE!!!!


    how cute are they??? available for pre-order now in a bazillion different color combos....
  2. I like the red patent ones.
  3. I am personally not a big fan of SM..they are all made in China shoes and I find them very stiff and uncomfy. But you might find them comfy and pretty so I suggest trying them on first before you purchase them.
  4. ^^ yeah it's hit or miss for me...generally i tend to love the way they look, buy them sight unseen from like Zappos or something, and then find them stiff and uncomfy too.........but just wanted to share these because they're too cute!
  5. can you return them if you do not like them? If you can, then you should give it a try......! :smile: Even though they are not as expensive as CLs or any other name brand shoes, you shouldn't be stuck with a pair that you do not like....after all 100$ ain't little.....good luck! ;)
  6. they are really cute. I've never tried any SM shoes so I don't know how they feel but they do look good.
  7. very cute!
  8. I like the dark patent red ones.
  9. Oohhhh, those are very cute!! They look really high though...I'd never be able to walk in them :smile:
  10. I think they are very cute, but agree with everyone else...SM does make a stiff shoe. Def. try them on before buying. Still very cute & nice color combos!
  11. I think they're cute, but the only Steve Madden shoes I ever had were sooo uncomfortable, find something similar in a more comfortable designer.
  12. I like these shoes. I haven't bought any SM shoes in a long time, but these are very eye catching.
  13. Very cute-- SM shoes are the best IMO
  14. i love steve madden shoes they are trendy and affordable. so if they do go out of style a year from now at least you did'nt spend $600 on them. and lately i have been into the more trendy shoes more than the classics.