Okay, what the...?!

  1. Okay, what the crap?

    I work in an office environment, and on Fridays we have casual days, which include jeans and tennis shoes. I've worn a T-shirt every Friday for the 9 months I've been working here. Today, my boss pulls me into his office and chews me out. "Business casual does not include T-Shirts"

    I pointed out that we dress BUSINESS Casual Monday through thursday and CASUAL on Fridays, per the dress code, which he had printed out in front of him. I was like, "Look. Business casual says no jeans. But here, it says jeans on Fridays. Obviously, business casual is not the same as casual Friday." He refused to listen. "Ultimately it's MY DECISION, not Human Relations," he groused at me. "I hate the jeans too!" He was wearing jeans, might I add.

    I'm just so angry right now. I really needed to vent. My boss is a real jerk and he always has been, and this is just another straw in the haystack that I'm going to eventually light on fire when I quit this place.

    Sorry for the rant, girls!
  2. Ugh, how annoying! It's not like you were wearing your rattiest t-shirt with sweat and stains all over it!
  3. NO! I was wearing one of my Alpha Delta Pi sorority shirts from college-- it is for a homecoming game and is razorback red with a football on the back and my sorority letters!
  4. Some places only allow collar and or polo style shirts...for casual Fridays.

    Casual Fridays in my opinion means wearing jeans..that's what makes it CASUAL FRIDAYS!!!

    He's clueless.
  5. Sweet, that's the way it is at my uncle's company (he's a VP) - but it's like that everyday!!

    Most of the people go in in normal clothes, but they always have a suit at work for them just in case they have an emergency meeting with a client! lol
  6. Well, your boss definitely should have told you casual doesnt include t-shirts the first time you wore one. It should also be put in your dept. guidlines. Maybe he is/was being repremanded by his higher up. Maybe someone came through and commented on peoples clothing, who knows.

    I have to say though, at my old employer we had dress down on Friday BUT dress down didnt mean t-shirts, sweatsuits dirty tennis shoes etc.. Also, jeans couldn't be torn, too faded, etc.. For a while people were taking advantage of dress down day coming into work looking like they just rolled out of bed. Our boss finally put an end to that. I personally never wore t-shirts or tennis shoes. I wore dressy jeans, a nice blouse sometimes with a blazer & nice shoes.
  7. I talked to human relations and she told me that t-shirts are totally acceptable on casual fridays as long as they don't include profanity or anything involving alcohol....
  8. That's so irritating. Hmmmm Now I wonder why he's picking on you. Are you the only one right now wearing a t-shirt?
  9. No, another girl is wearing a TIGHT white T-shirt, like a babydoll T-shirt. And another one wearing a tight sleeveless t-shirt too.

  10. I bet he allowed her..maybe because her boobs are exposed!!! LOL.
  11. Wow - that would really piss me off. I totally understand where you are coming from. It's so frustrating to be singled out when the rest of the group is doing the same or worse.
  12. that's kind of stupid whats the point of "casual " friday if you can't dress casual!! If you came in a suit on casual friday would you get wrong too because it's not casual :shrugs:
  13. Ewww...what a jerk!!! I hate it when ppl make up the rules as they go along!!!! That sucks!!! Sounds like you looked pretty cute to me!
  14. Wow! That is so irritating! He checked over the rules before he made it the rules! It's his problem that you're doing something that he said was OK. How are you suppose to know that yes means no!

    What a jerk!
  15. I was going to say maybe it was because it was a sorority tshirt for an event or something, and that maybe to stick to things that weren't logos or printed like that to work... but if it is OK with HR, I don't know what the fuss is... but for him to comment on you wearing jeans when he is wearing jeans is ridiculous!