okay...what should i get?

  1. i'm sure most people here know the last thing i should be doing is buying more louis vuitton since i already owe my dad upwards of over a grand, plus i just purchased a pomme flat pouch that i definitely didn't need but just had to have...

    but anyway, my parents are going to manhattan in a few weeks for a matinee show, and i get to go along and stay the night @ the new york palace. yipeeeeee, love that city. but, it is so hard for me to visit new york without purchasing anything at lv. i have to. and this is probably one of the first times i get to go to the boutique and spend as MUCH TIME AS I WANT IN THERE with no one pressuring me that they're bored and want to leave :roflmfao: sooo, what should i get??? i don't have a lot to spend, maybe in the $200-300 range so it's probably just gonna be a cute little accessory but everyone here has such creative minds i think they will be able to think of something better than i can. should i get a ludlow? or a multicolor pochette mm (the half-moon cles) or something else??? anyone have any other ideas? :shrugs:
  2. pastilles key holder! if you don't already have one
  3. Do you have a wapity or pochette accessories? :graucho: LV has some nice scarves as well for under $300
  4. i'm just not a scarf kinda girl, even if it is to tie on a bag, none of my bags are really big enough to handle one! haha. and i don't have a wapity, but i have a MC pochette accessories and the perfo accessories. thinking also maybe a damier mini pochette? i'm gonna eventually get a big damier bag in ebony later this year, i don't know if it will be the sporty or the hampstead yet but i think the mini pochette would be really cute to go inside so it can match :yes:
  5. i was thinking about that, fell in love with the valentines ones that came out but were just a little too much. what do the other ones go for? it would probably be in brown.
  6. the half-moon cles is really cute. saw one irl today.
    4-key holder!? that's next on my list.
  7. i'd like one, but i posted in th thread about the most under rated LV accessory about it and how it's just not practical for me :sad: i don't use house keys or anything right now since i still live at home, and the only keys i really carry are my car keys. car key=big chunky bmw key :sad: won't fit.
  8. oo that was my 500th post :biggrin:
  9. hehe happy 500th..mines coming soon, can't wait!

    Um, I'm gonna say what always say for these things and thats either an inclusion ring or bracelet, simply due to the fact that i'm obsessed with them at the moment. :yes: hehehe

    Have FUN! Which show are you/your parents seeing?

  10. hmm, maybe i should take a look at the inclusion accessories...so many possibilities!

  11. oo and they're seeing jersey boys :biggrin: my mom has been dying to go to that.
  12. I know how you feel..I am always rushed in LV and I hate it!! honestly, 5th ave LV has an incredible selection of shoes..if you have to spend a little more, I'd go for it!!!!!
  13. awh man, i wish. shoes wasn't even in my sights for this year :sad: maybe next year...
  14. something Inclusion?
  15. i'm leaning towards mini pochette ... seems like a bargain for something so cute, although by the time i get to it the price increase will have taken affect :yucky: maybe i should call ahead and pay for it in late feb and pick it up when i'm in new york? only problem with that is that i'm not positive that's exactly what i want. i always want to look and then decide. although i do know i'm getting it eventually. :rolleyes:

    classic chic, how crazy am i? you especially know the dilemmas i have been going through, and i just bought a flat pouch...and now i'm going to buy something else?! stop me! lol.