okay what should I get in Vegas????

  1. Right now I have:

    Mono Coussin GM & french purse wallet
    Damier Illovo PM & french purse wallet

    Should I get:

    1. Mono pochette & Rabat
    2. Mono pochette & orange/fushia (if pink comes back) Perfo cles
    3. Azur pochette & cles

    AND does the ludlow come in azur?? It's not on the LV site but wasn't sure if anyone knew if they were making one or not.

    ALSO does anyone have the MINI LIN BUCKET (the small one)?? Do you love it, do you not like the fact that it's open (not really an open bag person)?? I tried it on today and really liked it but I didn't get a chance to try out my stuff in it. Also it's kinda pricey for me right now. Should I save up for it and forget about buying the stuff above or pass on it?
  2. #3 Azur pochette and cles. Azur is Sooo hot right now. Plus it'll be great for summer/ spring whenever it gets here.:beach: :beach: :beach:
  3. Since you already have monogram and damier, get # 3, azur pochette and cles.
  4. I say azur and cles, unless you really love the mini lin bucket-save for it. I really like the bucket too. Maybe you should wait and see if you win a little something and maybe you can get the bucket!
  5. I have the mini lin bucket and I love it, I used it for almost 4 months straight. I actually find it very easy to care for and don't mind that it's not coated. I cannot tell you what an easy bag it is to use. Tverticle shape lets you tuck it under the arm, so I don't really worry about the open top. Also you get an accessories pouch with it. Another tPF member took of the chain clasp and made it into a mini pochette. Two bags for one. Great deal for me...DH liked the 2 for 1 idea too.

    If you don't get the ML bucket, I'd go for #3.
  6. Azur pochette and cles
  7. #3 Azur Pochette and Cles

    although I would choose the Azur Pochette and Rabat!! :yes:
  8. Azur Pochette and Cles. :yes:
  9. Monogram Canvas Pochette and Perfo Plate Cles!!! :biggrin: