okay..what about the large/reg Noe??

  1. Is it too big for everyday? Does it looke to much like a duffle or school bag??
  2. Nope-not too big for daily bag, it would be a perfect daily bag :yes:
  3. No, I don't think it's too big. Big is in.............
  4. It was too big for my taste. The petit noe is larger than I thought it would be and that's what I ended up with. But I do not think it is too big to carry everyday if you like big bags. It just didn't suit me.
  5. It depends on how much you carry, I think. I have one, but I find it way too big for me to use everyday. I would rather use this bag for school, travel, or a diaper bag. Some people find it to be just fine for everyday, though. I don't think it's overwhelming for my frame (5'4", 108 lbs), but it's just too big for what I need (dimensions are 13.5 x 10.5 x 7.5).
  6. I also found the regular Noe too large (then again, I am only 5'1). I think that if you are tall, you can pull it off.
  7. I think it's pretty roomy for all the necessities and it's not that huge unless you really got a petite frame.
  8. It's pretty big. I tried it on last night and though I wanted to love it, I was on the fence. Plus: no pockets inside! :sad:
  9. So true--no pockets in the petit noe either. C'mon, could they just give us one little bitty pocket in there?
  10. :yes: :yes: --would make a great bag, perfect......
  11. I think there's a pocket in the MC ones...
  12. Oh no! I was trying to resist getting one of those buggers....now, a pocket....ugh!....:nuts: :drool:
  13. reg. noe is too big for me, too. the petit noe is not really petit at all! it's very good sized and it's a great everyday bag for me. it's my fav. one so far.
  14. LOL, I know, and it has two outside pockets, too! :graucho:
  15. wow!:drool: , hey, here's an idea...you get one first and tell me all about it.....:p