Okay well thats just weird.....ebay stuff.

  1. I listed about 15 items on eBay last night......well when I woke up this morning 3 of the items I had listed had already sold and two more had bids.

    Well I was just browsing the newly listed Coach items and there are two of my items just now showing up 24 hours later. Weird......why wouldn't they all show up at the same time?
  2. I had that happen when I was selling one of my Coach items. I was thinking maybe it was to moderate the listings because of all the fakes??
    Congrats on the items selling and the bids, thats fantastic! I never have a good outcome with eBay :sad:
  3. Ebay has spme sort of policy where designer items take longer to get reviewed so they take longer to show up. It's sort of ridiculous bc there's still plenty of fake stuff for sale on ebay so not exactly sure what they're reviewing.

    Also, I think this might belong in the ebay forum?

    PS - you have me :drool: after your post talking about sweet tea, turnip greens, and biscuits. I love some down home southern cooking :biggrin:
  4. if you try to review a listing or something it happens. i remember i listed something, then revised it and it didnt show up in searches for 24 hrs.. i went into the help thing and asked them and they said that is standard
  5. Oh I did revise it to add another pic. That is probably why!!!!

    Ha, if the post hadn't been closed I would have mentioned the GRITS, Watermelon, Fried Green Tomatos, Squash and Cornbread!!!!

    Night everyone. It's 2 a.m. here, LOL!
  6. Sometimes it takes awhile for the items to show up. I've noticed sometimes up to 12-24 hours.
  7. Wow, good for you! And this is a slow time on ebay. I think I have ebay envy.