Okay - Votes for my 2nd Mulberry - Phoebe or Roxanne?

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  1. I'm about to make my 2nd Mulberry purchase and I'm tied between an Oak Phoebe (which I've been after for ages) or a Lemon Roxanne (thanks to SJ because hers is soooooooo beautiful!).

    I'm currently thinking Lemon Roxanne (if it looks right on me) as I think they will sell out faster and I will be able to get an Oak Phoebe more easily.

    What do you think I should get?
  2. If you are looking for a Summer bag , I would go for lemon roxanne.
  3. In the words of Sting:



    I do love the Phoebe but prefer the Roxy. If you can try them out irl, you'll have a better idea, I think.
  4. Roxanne - definitely. I can't believe it's taken me so long to realise just how great the Roxy is.
  5. I'm leaning that way too I think. I'll take my chance and see what I can find on Saturday.
  6. Have fun choosing! If you see a red Mabel, please let me know & I'll snap it up.
  7. I'd vote for a roxy too - a classic , and just lovely in lemon. Have fun on Saturday!
  8. I am love love loving my new choco Roxanne. I had always wanted one, but always listened to the cons. All I see now are the pros! It is a slouchy, fab, sexy, fun satchel. And it is a satchel. That seemed to be the problem for a lot of ladies -- everyone wants Roxy to be something other than she is or something more. Some have solved that issue with a shoulder strap.
  9. That's my only other query. I really love the way SJ and Dita wear it with a shoulder strap but the only other Mulberry bag I own is an Antony and the strap is sewn on that so I don't have a long strap to put on a Roxy.

    Maybe I could 'fib' and ask to buy one as a replacement strap for a seth or something - do you think I would be able to get a strap?

    Mind you - the rate I'm getting Mulberry bags at the moment, maybe I'll just add a Seth or something to my ever increasing list.
  10. Roxy,but what else would you expect me to say!!! A lemon one would be just divine too!!!
  11. ....... just to be different- I've always loved the oak phoebe!!! Will go and sit in lonely corner now!
  12. Roxanne! No need to say more :P...
  13. A suggestion from my lonely phoebe corner, you've got to try both styles and colours on for yourself and see which one makes your heart miss a beat! have lots of fun choosing !!!!
  14. Jo - I'll join you in that corner as I think that's a great suggestion. Go try both and see what feels right!! Pity party for me since I can't do that myself....
  15. hey- we'll have a party in my corner!!!