Okay, two (good) things . . .

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  1. I got a job at COACH!!!!! AND i have merchandise credit to spend, so which bag should I get as my first purchase as an SA?

    Large Leather Parchment Carly (keeping in mind I already have a medium tan leather Carly and LOVE it):


    Patent Leather Ergo Hobo in Black:



    Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag in Dusty Rose (keeping in mind i have a legacy shoulder in POND and LOVE it):


    I appreciate any opinions
  2. ohhhhhh decisions decisions. the agony! hmm...i'm not sure what your personality is like...i mean i always match the personality with the bag. but...if you want to hear my favorites, it's gotta be the legacy in pond. drooling.....
  3. whoops, didn't read clearly...you already have the legacy in pond..

    well, you should get what you don't have yet...and that's the cutsy ergo in patent
  4. LARGE LEATHER PARCHMENT CARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would LOVE one of those!! Plus, the Carly you have is a MEDIUM...this will be much different!!!
    Congrats on your new job and your soon to be new bag!:tup:
  5. I vote for the Carly. :biggrin: Oh, and congrats on the job!
  6. thanks for the "congratz" . . . i'm kinda leaning toward the carly too, but i'm afraid it might get dirty easily (being white leather and all)
  7. Awesome congrats!! I vote for the Carly!
  8. My first mind goes to Carly, but since you already have one, I say Ergo....same reasoning for the legacy bag.

    And congrats on your new job!!!
  9. Congrats on the job!!! My recommendation is for the patent leather ergo -- so cute, plus you already have a carly and a shoulder bag. Just let the shine of the patent leather put you into a trance...
  10. Congrats on your new job!!! You're joining the growing list of TPFers employed by Coach. Each of your possibilities is a really different style/look. I'd go with the one you think you'll get the most use out of. If I was just choosing based upon the most unique of the 3, I'd say the patent Ergo.
  11. Congratulations on your new job! I LOVE the look of the large parchment Carly but it's a vachetta leather that concerns me when thinking about cleaning the bag. Perhaps someone who has it or knows more about it can comment. IF you con't go for the Carly my vote goes to the Legacy in dusty rose! What a gorgeous color!!
  12. im gonna go against the grain and say the legacy in rose i think its BEAUTIFUL!
  13. congrats! welcome to the coach employee family. I personally think the parchment leather looks too clay like. I vote for the patent ergo since in person it's gorgeous. The dusty rose, if it's in your store, will probably be deleted soon and you can get that then for a better deal.
  14. Hey!!! :party: My vote is Ergo patent leather, because you don't have an Ergo. Option b: ROSE!! It's gorgeous IRL.
  15. Congrats on your new job...for me I would first pick the "legacy rose shoulder" (I love mine), than the "black patent ergo hobo" and last the "Carly"(in camel).