Okay totally heartbreaking!

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  1. My little 4 month old got shots today. He normally a very happy, smiley, baby that flirt with the ladies. Well he didn't like his doctor poking and proding. He started crying when she did her check-up. Then the dreaded nurse came in with the needles. She pokes him and he looks at me with desperation and hurt in his little eyes wondering why I don't rescue him. She poked him 3 times. He is screaming for me. Ohhh my heart aches... So it is all done with and we go out into the lobby and a lady starts talking to him and calling him cutie but he totally scared of her and starts screaming. He normally is never afraid but I guess the trauma of shots got him scared. Okay I'm just babbling. It was kinda heartbreaking but he has several rounds of shots coming up in his future. Better send Daddy next time...
  2. I always hate getting the shots done... that look they give you is the worst. It's even worse giving the shots to the babies... thats what I did for a living before I had my own babies.
  3. My DD was just the same way. By 4-6 months old she was aware of what was going on, and even being in the doctor's office made her upset. As soon as the doctor walked in she took one look at her and went hysterical, but we just went for her 15 month shots today and she didn't even cry. Ok, she did cry, but only when they weighed her. :rolleyes: As long as I held her she was totally fine.
  4. I always hated going with Julia to get her shots...I even made my husband go in with her once because I couldn't handle it!
  5. Getting shots is the worst! I am a soon-to-be mommy and I am already getting nervous for stuff like that. I even hate taking my fur-baby to the vet coz whenever she gets shots, I tear up!
  6. Poor baby and mommy! It breaks your heart to get them for the baby!
  7. Andréanne had her shots too and its terrible!!! I hate it!!! I tried to hug her, kiss her, tell her mommy is here, nothing made her stop crying.

    I understand how you feel. :crybaby:
  8. I'm very emothional even when i'm not pregnant so I cried the first time both of my children got shots for the first time. It does get easier..the nurse let them sit on my lap when she gave them thier shots so it made both of us feel a little more comfortable.
  9. I KNOW!!! I took my DS for his 4 month shots a little bit ago (a little late, whoops!)
    and he was all smiley at the lady, and she said "Ohhh, don't do that, you're gonna make me feel bad." She poked him once, and he just kinda whined and looked at me, and then the second shot he cried big time! Then, by the third one he was already crying, but he stopped by the time we got into the lobby, go figure! It was so sad seeing those little tears run down his face though!
    I know how you feel mama!!! :hugs: You little one doesn't even remember it by now anyways :P
  10. My 6mo DS goes next week for his shots again. I'm dreading it. It makes me want to cry too. DH refuses to go. He had to walk out of the room at the 4mo check up. Just couldn't stand to hear him screaming. :cry: