Okay to do transaction off eBay?

  1. There's a bag I want but the seller can't change things because she made a counter offer to someone but they hadn't responded back. Would it be safe to NOT sell it on eBay as long as it's credit-card backed on Paypal?
  2. Offers and counter offers expire after a couple of days. I dont recommend doing it off of eBay. And dont let her talk you into buying it off eBay either. Wait till the other offer expires.
  3. ^ thank you! i'm e-mailing her to tell her i will wait until the block is removed and if someone else buys it in the meantime. well...unfortunately for me....congratulations to them. ;)
  4. There is a way for the seller to retract their counter-offer, which would remove the block. You may want to ask the seller to do this if you want to purchase it sooner. :smile:
  5. ^ she says she's going to look into how to do this tomorrow at work. i'm guessing she's off to bed now. thanks for letting me know that skigirl73! i'll tell her that if she hasn't found the way herself tomorrow. :smile:
  6. Im confused. If it's a best offer you can make one and she can accept it. Having a pending outgoing counteroffer has nothing to do with anything.
  7. ^^that is true, because the person receiving the counter offer should get an email saying the item is no longer available if the seller does it right.

  8. The only answer to this is NO! Never do it....you will NOT be protected!
  9. It all sounds pretty dodge to me. At least if you go through ebay then you have some form of protection :nod:
  10. ^^
    agree. is never worth the risk.
  11. ^ i thought it wasn't really eBay that protected you but Paypal?

    either way, the seller was really nice through all this. when i told her i didn't want to do that she was very accomodating. unfortunately, someone bid before we could do anything about it.
  12. Not wise...
  13. No, not okay.
  14. If you tell them you will only take a money order, hidden cash, or Western Union it's fine. Other than that...NO.

    Tell her this thru regular email, not Ebays messaging system.