okay to bid?

  1. i'm watching some lanvin flats on eBay.

    i thought the photos looked a little funny, so i emailed them earlier today with just a few basic questions.

    the response wasn't rude, but definitely short...

    no one responded to my authenticate this post in the shoe forum...do we think it's okay to bid?

  2. I have seen Lanvin flats faked, and faked very well. I would wait til you hear back that they are for sure authentic. Even if you miss the auction, it's better to be safe than sorry!!
    If the seller is selling a legit product they should be more than happy to nicely and fully answer your email. Pass on this seller if you are at all uncomfortable!!
  3. Who was the seller?
  4. I would always trust your instincts - there will be another opportunity and if a transaction is going to cost you in terms of worry and stress, it isn't a bargain whatever the auction price. Perhaps the seller will be able to put your mind at ease, but if not, I would hold back.
  5. Do you have the link??
    Go with your instincts, you know what hassle you can get on E bay and loss

    But also there are truly some fantastic deals on there too

    let us know how you get along
  6. the seller is cici08 (is it okay to post that)?

    they are selling other high end shoes as well, but that doesn't mean much...

    i have never seen the lanvin flats faked, but i have toyed with the authentics many times irl at this point and would clearly be able to tell and FEEL the difference.

    if someone could check the items just to be sure, i would really appreciate it.
  7. They are authentic
  8. The seller being unresponsive despite having few auctions up at the moment worries me. Shoes and other items aren't really ringing alarms with me tho. The underpriced JPG Birkin worries me tho... hmm. And number of Birkins.

    I would probably bid if it were me. Glad to hear another chimed in that they were authentic before I hit send on this tho.

    Authentic goods, but customer service after sale may suck. Just know going into it that it might. lol
  9. canada's what was the reply from the seller?
  10. The seller did respond they were just a little short.

    I couldn't comment on the bags only what I know from owning Lanvin ballet pumps myself
  11. If it doesn't feel good inside you don't bid. Another will always come about

  12. These are some fake lanvins I found online. Just a FYI that they're out there:

  13. Sorry, how do you know they are fake?
  14. true.

    just have to wait a bit longer to get them...

    the seller's response was something along the lines of, "they're a 38. no receipt, no returns. thanks."

    not horrible, just a bit abrupt.

    also, i don't see any birkins for sale...just shoes and a horrible vintage chanel jacket for this seller.

    mooks- how can you tell they're real? obviously some fakes look authentic, and i'm positive with an open return policy, i would bid. upon receiving them, it would be pretty clear if they were real or not, as there's no way in heck fake lanvins can live up to the real deal.
  15. mlrowan- exactly...the last are obviously fake, but the first two look completely real if i were just looking at them!