okay.. those Dooney bags were bad.. but look at these!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. and.. Toni will have nothing to do with this!!!:lol:

    photos from


    ps they used to call it the "Bowlenciaga" but i guess had to change the name!!
    m11468.jpg m13439.jpg m13456.jpg
  2. Oh my gosh. Those are kinda funny.
  3. Bowlenciaga???? That is hilarious!!! I might forgive them just because it is so funny =D
  4. i feel pity for the poor dogs.
  5. Fuglarious:Push:
  6. I love those doggies faces! hehehe!! Check out the last little guy.. it's like he's saying, "Please somebody help me.."
  7. I think the name is clever. The bags aren't but the name is cute!

    Wonder if Balenciaga wished they came up with it first?
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