okay this ones kinda cute...

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  1. It's also a Kate Spade. It's the Oaxaca.
    (I think I just might like saying WA-HA-CA!)

    it comes in turquoise or pink or purple embroidery as well but I like the orange. big orange fan.

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  2. That's different, I kinda like it. Looks like a great beach or tropical island vacation bag :biggrin:
  3. dont like
  4. Agree with Cristina about the beach bag/tropical island type of bag. Although, the flower pattern is ok.. just not sure about the chickens on the front.
  5. I forgot to mention - I really like chickens.

    (hey! I'm an animal keeper!)
  6. Oh! hehehe:biggrin: !!! Fair enough:P . Hey, I really envy your job! Are u with a zoo or wild life farm or conservation? Ever heard of Australia Zoo? Yeah, that's the actual name, lol! Started by that Steve Irwin.. Sometimes we're a bit embarrassed of him here in Aus:shame:.
  7. I work at the Los Angeles Zoo. We just got a vet from the Torongo (?) Zoo. We love Steve!
  8. Wow, you must love it there! I went to the Taronga Zoo a few years ago and was really hoping to see the Gorillas (I love apes, lol!) but they were on a routine vet checkup! Waa..

    Steve is a funny bloke:smile: But because he's so out there and he's an Aussie in an international circuit, when he danced his little baby near that croc, we all cringed!
  9. I love my job very much.

    Yeah, the croc/baby thing was just a little too trusting!
    We love him though!
  10. Fun colors!
  11. LOL about the chickens!
  12. Hmm, cute, but not for me :P
  13. Aww I love the style name or the interpreted pronounciation of the style name. I can imagine myself on the street seeing someone with that "HUNNIE, it's the WA-HA-CA!" and then getting a funny look from him, LOL.

    I think it'll make a fun tropical/beach bag. Great bag for Hawaii!
  14. Eh, not for me, but I'm not a Kate Spade fan either.
  15. good excuse to go to Hawaii!
    (but honey, I have to try out my bag!)
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