OKAY. This may "sound" stupid but...

  1. I've been thinking about starting a thread on this for a while. Since we are in cyberspace, our modes of expression are somewhat limited. Therefore, I think it would be FUN for us to express in writing some things that are "normal" outbursts verbally. For instance:


    Well, my expressions are limited to the above three. Can you fine fabulous females of the beloved PB list more? Thanks:flowers: .
  2. yeeee! <---multifunctional...depending on tone it can be happy, suprised, awed, disappointed, sad, in agreement, etc.

    the sorority girl shriek...if you've ever seen it, you know it. :yes: it usually involves jumping up and down and/or clapping.

    i also giggle/laugh too much. or not enough. depending on your perspective about laughter.
  3. Good one ilzabet!! Good one. A twist on yeeee would be yeeepeee!! I am laughing so hard right now. I guess its the red wine...
  4. I cant really think of anything besides the ones you already listed envy. Sometimes I just do this -- *GASP*. :P
  5. hehehehehe - is all i type!!! hehehehe!!! i wish i was drinking wine... but i just started work an hour ago!
  6. woweeeeee :nuts:
  7. What does work have to do with drinkin' red wine:graucho: ? Free Yourself!!! Drink Wine!!!:yahoo:
  8. Ugh!



  9. aaaah! (Imagine it as a shriek or a squeak.)

    I either use it to mean "That's so cute!" "That's scary!" "I made a mess!" or "Dammit! I dropped a cup!"
  10. EESH! (meaning 'yikes' or something like that)
  11. Gahhhhhhhhh
  12. I always have trouble with "yay!" b/c some people put "yea" which looks like "yeah" to me. Anyway, yay and hooray are my "happy" mottos:smile:
  13. ei-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi
    oh lalalalalala (yep, that is the right amount of "la's)
    Mince Alors! (pronounced like "manse alors" it is like saying "dang it")
    quoi? (in England and in other English speaking countries, frogs go "ribbit" in France, they go "quoi?")
  14. What does it mean?

    p.s.: I love "coffee is for closers". Cute!:tender:
  15. Ackkkk, when something leaves a bad taste in my mouth.[usually in the worst fakes thread]
    Squeeeeee!!!, something exciting.
    Errrrrrr, Ummmmm, whenever I am at a loss for words...in a bad way.
    I have trouble with the "yeah" thing too, I think 'affirmative" rather than Celebratory. To me it's YAY! silly me.