Okay, this is the final deciding factor for me


Which IS the better bag?

  1. Monogram Stephen

  2. Leopard Adele

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just place your votes, ladies! I suck at deciding!
  2. Stephen.
  3. Mono Stephen...I still say that because the pony hair on the Adele will wear with normal use.
  4. Mono Stephen~I think it is more classic.
  5. I like the Adele. I find the Stephen HUGE!
  6. Stephen will stand the test of time in terms of style and also the leopard will rub off the adele the longer you use it.
  7. Yes I heard this too. :yes:
  8. stephen :smile: sooooo pretty!!
  9. Mono Stephen!!! Leopard Adele seems like the HOT item now, but what happens when the hairs/furs fall off and the animal print phase went away? They don't call Mono a classic for no reason ^_<
  10. Go adele !!!
  11. Adele!
  12. You HAVE to get the Mono Stephen!!! It's SO beautiful!!!
  13. Adele ftw :biggrin:
  14. Stephen
  15. go the Stephen!

    but i'd rather you get this instead:

    or this....