okay this is super random..


Dec 1, 2005
i accidently spilled soysauce (soooo asian huh? i was eating sushi!) on my new lappy.. :cry::cry: and now my 'a' key is feeling kind of sticky and now its not as easy to push as my other letters. :sad:

does anyone know anything i could do? i already went through and tried to wipe it up with a tissue but i'm thinking some got way under the A, dried, and left it all sticky. sigh. :sad:

any suggestions??!
i know that at least on my laptop the keys snap right off......first discovered that when i dropped something heavy on my new laptop and a few keys went flying.....almost cried til i realized they snap right back on.....
if ur hesitant to do that, try a tiny wet piece of cloth and a piece of wire to reach under the key.....
yeah.. i agree with jc...
i doubt that it's going to be impossible to clean..
i'm sure the laptop manufacturer consider that possibility..
ps: my sister spent 200 bucks replacing her keys.. and that was in Indonesia..
vaneea said:
ps: my sister spent 200 bucks replacing her keys.. and that was in Indonesia..

wow! that's alot for just key replacements!

thanks girls :smile: i'm sure i can fix it but i was hoping i could do something quick (tonight) because i have a paper to write and it's a workout just pressing that A so i'm avoiding any words with 'a's in them at all cost. hahaha. but i suppose i can't do that in my essay ! :lol:
Do you have a spare keyboard around? You could attach it to your laptop in the meantime--so you can get going on the paper...

I've used a paperclip with a wet wipe wrapped around it--I held on to the wetwipe really carefully to go "under" my key. I wouldn't try popping out the key since not all laptop keys just pop out.

Good Luck!
ekekek! i spilt a can a coke on my friends laptop when i got back from my trip... i screamed so much that i almost cried because i had no money what so ever to buy her a new one! thankfully everything is ok and fully working!

good luck, heartfelt! :smile:
i spilled diet coke on my last year, and it kept on truckin'.

i'd say put a tiny bit of damp cotton ball on the end of a tooth pick and try to get some of it unsticky.

ha, this is really kinda gross, but i was clipping my fingernails at my desk last year and i chunk of fingernail fell and got wedged under my spacebar and it took me like 3 days to get it out with tweezers and a safety pin. i'm such a spaz.