OKay this is Kinda weird..

  1. OOOOKAY! SO! I just got home, and I just HAVE to share it. My sister (twin) and I JUST MADE PRECOMP FOR HIP HOP! So we're pretty young, going on 10th grade, we danced for half a year, we decided to go try out for precomp or comp, just for the heck of it, and WE MADE IT!

    today was the tryouts, and WE MADE PRECOMP! :biggrin: It's one competition, regionals; and dancing at Paramounts' Great America :biggrin:!

    :biggrin: Just had to share it!
  2. Great Job!!
    Good Luck!!
  3. Congratulations!:yahoo:
  4. Mayu! Congratulations To You & Your Sister!!!! I Can't Wait To Hear All About It! :smile:
  5. Great America?! I live like...15 min away from there!

    Anyways, congrats! I always wished I could dance like those pros ;]
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. I have NO idea what that is but congrats anyway!
  8. Ditto. I don't know what that is either. But Congrats to you and your twin sister. Btw I'm a twin too :amuse:
  9. yay, congrats....
  10. Nice!
  11. Mayu, that's great! Congrats to you both! I'm sure you will do well! Keep us posted!
  12. Congrats! My daughter is a dancer (though I don't know what this competition is) so I can imagine how excited you are.
  13. Congrats to both of you!
  14. Whoopie!!! WTG!