Okay, this is going to be a loooong post... Bandouliere opinions needed!

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  1. I currently have:
    Neverfull GM in mono
    Speedy 35 Bandouliere in mon mono
    Speedy 35 Bandouliere in damier ebene

    Okay, now that that's out of the way...
    So, on Friday I went to my boutique. I had my heart set on something in azur for summer since I don't have anything in that print. I also wanted something lighter than the bags I currently have, perhaps something cross body. But lighter than a 35! Of course I gravitated toward the speedies.
    I tried on the speedy 30 Bandouliere in damier azur and I loved the way it looked. They didn't have the 25 Bandouliere in azur but I did try it in ebene and I thought it looked sort of funny on me.
    Now I'm having second thoughts. I purchased the azur Bandouliere 30 but I'm wondering even once I get all my stuff in it, maybe it's going to be too cumbersome. I carry my Neverfull GM pouch with me and I don't even think it will fit in the 25, which I think would be a good thing since it would force me to travel lighter. I asked my SA to get a 25 Bandouliere in azur to the store and he said it should be there by Friday. I have attached a picture of me with my speedy b 30 in azur that I purchased. Think the 25 would look too small? Should I get it just because it will definitely be lighter? I typically wear size 12 in USA women's and am about 5'4" tall.
    Or maybe I should go with something completely different, like the odeon?? In the pictures I almost feel like this 30 doesn't even look that different from my 35s.
    UGHHHHHH SOMEONE HEELLLLPPP! [emoji58][emoji58][emoji58] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458025605.249791.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458025628.805384.jpg
  2. They both look lovely on you [emoji4]
    I like the look of the 25 using the strap and the 30 without strap
  3. Oh- both of those are of the speedy 30!
    That was another thing about the 25 I tried on- the top handles were so tiny it felt like I was wearing bracelets! If I got it I would never carry top handle.
  4. I would take it back and go back on Friday and look at them side by side. its nice to have a smaller item in your collection for those city roamings!
    I have the 30 b and it's versatile but you have the 35's
    I would wait and not use the 30 you got and see.
    I want a 25 too now in Bandoulière. I sold my top handle 25 but I remember I loved how it kept its shape and it fits a lot!!
  5. I'd wait and go to the store just so you know for sure you got the right one

    But speedies are light, just don't pack it to the brim, you might be glad later on that you got the bigger size
  6. I think the 30b looks great on you but I would definitely consider going a size down. The 25b looks fantastic cross body in my opinion no matter how tall or not tall you are. It will also give a completely different look from the 35b you already have and last but not least...smaller bags are very 'in'. Having said that if, when you try the 25b on, you don't feel the love, I would stick with the size 30 or you may regret it xx
  7. I think while the 30 and 35 are popular sizes the 25 as a cross body is most complimentary. And when you wear it on one shoulder, the way it hangs is so effortlessly cool.. Your collection is filled with big bags, I'd suggest going small and fun for this one, we carry less in summer anyway!!
  8. The 30 b looks great on you but try 25 before you make final decision, you might like it better.
  9. Thanks everyone! I will update when the 25b gets in for me to try and add a photo of it as well!
  10. I would return the 30 ASAP and wait for the 25 to come in so you can make an informed decision. I have a feeling that the 25 will look better on you when worn crossbody. If you don't mind the small opening, you should definitely give it a try.
  11. It's a tough one. I have all 3 sizes and like each for different reasons. The 25 I do agree looks best for crossbody, but I find I don't use them as much. They don't quite fit what I need to carry and if they do it's like a box on my hip. I like my 30s the best. I definitely would return until you have the option of looking at both. If you don't you may end up regretting and wondering what if. You may come home with the 30 in the end still, but at least you would know for certain it was what you wanted.
  12. Personally, I really like the Speedy B 25
  13. I'm 5'5" and a size 12-14 and I have the mono and de speedy 25 with the strap -- so I vote for the 25. I don't care for the bigger sizes as much.... I adore the small one, especially since I prefer a bag that doesn't slouch too much. :smile:
  14. My vote goes for the speedy b 25. Good luck!!
  15. Just for extra reference- here's a pic with the odeon I just took. I really like how it lays. [emoji7] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458058208.836372.jpg
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