Okay this is an off the wall question.....outlet related.

  1. My hubby asked me tonight where I would like to go for a short vacation at the end of July or maybe August. I honestly don't know, LOL! So I started thinking........


    Now I'm sure DH isn't going to let me plan a vacation around a Coach Outlet visit but if it's somewhere nice I could try and find something he would like and then not mention the fact that the outlet is there.

    I know I've read alot about San Marcos in Texas. Is it the biggest?

    Thanks :wlae:
  2. The one in St. Augustine seems to always have lots of great buys. Maybe because of it's proximity to Jax.
  3. Ooh, ooh, ooh! *waving hand in air*. Maybe you can plan a Disney World trip and go to the Orlando outlet. :graucho: It is pretty big inside.
  4. LOL! I have tried Disney but I've been OVERRULED!!!!

    For the past, oh say, 7 or 8 years I've planned a vacation to Disney at least twice a year. I actually have two SUPER friends in the Tampa area that I made on the DIS boards (A Disney Forum sort of like this.) One is from Pinellas Park and the other from Lutz!

    Anyway I was over ruled by my hubby and son who said NO DISNEY this year. Made me cry! I am a disney ADDICT!!!!!!
  5. haha, it would be helpful if outletbound provided square footage for the different locations. lol
    i know there are a lot of outlets in CA so either a S.F. vacation, a tour of wineries through the central coast, or Disney, Sea World, etc. in southern CA. I'm sure you'd be able to hit a few outlets if you went to CA.:yes:
  6. OT: Awww. I'm an addict too. I haven't been since 2005 though (for the Very Merry Christmas Parade). I can't wait to get a 3-day park-hopper. :yahoo:
  7. I haven't been, but I heard there are two in Las Vegas... and Vegas always great shopping, including outlets. Anyone second this? Maybe with even more actual facts? :smile:
  8. ^^ I just got back from the 2 in Vegas. They both were good but both pretty much had the same items. The only difference is that the one at the south end of the Strip is in an indoor outlet type place that was pretty awful.
  9. ^bleh. I take it back then. But Vegas is pretty fun otherwise!
  10. LOL yes it is! We did the driving trip 4 years ago. Went from Mississippi to the Grand Canyon, to Vegas, to L.A. to San Fran. and back through Colorado. It took over 2 weeks but was sooooooo fun!!!!

    My first choice is still Orlando! Indigo they have the FREE DINING again this September!!!! I'm still pushing DH to take me for that but he isn't budging yet.....LOL!
  11. You could always come vacation in San Antonio, Texas! There is a big article about what a great vacation spot it is, even for families/kids, in Parents Magazine!!! There is a TON to do - not only several theme parks (Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Sea World, Children's Museum, S.A. Zoo, the beautiful Riverwalk and of course THE ALAMO) but it is a very multi-cultural and historical experience (as they said in the article). Plus.....the San Marcos Outlet store is only 45 minutes away or less, depending where you stay in the city!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Free dining??? What’s that? We have to get together about this Disney thing. :biggrin:
  13. Free dining is awesome! It's when you buy a package and stay onsight you get FREE DINING! Email me and I'll explain it all to you disneysbelle@suddenlink.net

    San Antonio sounds wonderful and we actually have never been there! I think I'll look into it! Not sure how far it is but don't think it's all that bad. Houston is a 7 hour drive I think.
  14. Where in MS are you? My hubby has family in Saucier and Gulfport,...what is their outlet like? We go down every year but didn't this year due to son graduating

  15. Maine has 2 outlets Kittery and Freeport. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world (Maine) in my opinion ! Also people are very nice, friendly and hospitable there and you can have a low key vacation, not one that you need a vaca afterward because you are too busy. Also you can drive to many cities around the same area for quaint shops and dining , they have really good food esp seafood there. We go every year to either Ogunquit, york , or Kennybunk port. I think we are going to the bigger city, Portland this year !