okay - this is a longshot ...

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  1. i am not a normal fendi frequenter, so 'hello' ....
    i was flicking through a copy of the latest aussie 'instyle' mag and a coloured fendi bag yelled out to me ... i have no idea whether it was a B bag or what but it was so pretty ... now, all i can find is this ...


    and im sure it wasnt so bright ... are there more 'toned down' versions of this bag?

    thanks all! :heart:
  2. Also, did you notice on the eLux link, there are 2 color options, "Acid Multi" and "Pastel Ombre"

  3. Thank you so much Cosmo!! Thats it! the pastel ombre. Now ... to work out what to do about the price :idea:

    and ill check out the blog entry too.
    Does anyone on this forum have one of these? :heart:
  4. oh Roxana - its so lovely ... its just soooo exy. This is why MJ tends to be my fav brand ... just not as exy!