Okay, this is a "FUGLY" bag, then question about a Prada

  1. I saw this bag on NM while browsing the site, and is quite a scary looking bag--don't you think??? Looks like something from Star Wars!!!!!


    And it's not cheap 2850.

    But then I saw this Prada and thought it was nice. It comes in black, but this is the light pink. What do you guys think??

    Oh, price is 1495.
  2. absolutely hate the blue python bag!!!! Scary!! Pink prada looks pretty but I believe there are many better choices in store right now.
  3. omg thats almost $3k!!! I'm not sure what kind or person would buy it... quite ugly... There is a tan color which is a little scarier. It looks like it might still be alive and coiled up around the bag. Ready to strike whoever gets too near! hahaha :p
  4. Oh, I LIKE the light pink Prada, especially for that price!
  5. No comment on that other thing, but question about the Prada. I just went to NM's site and couldn't find it. Can you put a link up or is it gone already? :confused1:
  6. I LOVE the pink bag!OMFG!!!WANT!!!!!
  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ^LOL jill!
  9. I found out the same thing two nights ago!! That's NM for you!! :cursing:

    As far as the Prada bag, I saw it in black at my Saks. It's the one that doesn't have a detachable strap and is strictly hand held but it looks much better IRL. Very soft leather!
  10. Jill I saw that bag at Short Hills and absolutely loved it -- it's nice and big too !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ^WHICH ONE??LOL!
    The flower one or the other one..I WANT IT!!!LMK!LOL!
  12. Yikes scary.