Okay. This get me a little pissed

  1. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::dothewave:
  2. No..! That's just awful..!! Wasn't there a limit..??
  3. wow..oh well, I don't like the way it looks anyway. hhehe.:tdown:
  4. wooooww look at those!!!



    maybe she's bringing her WHOLE RELATIVES LOL
  5. i am starting to hate those MOCA pieces
    sorry but it is just too much
    I don't like that people
  6. wow, I did notice the increase in price myself..:wtf:
  7. I feel the same way. Buying one piece and selling it for a small profit is one thing but those poeple are nuts! I think that all that MOCA fever will end eventually and we will see them on eBay for much less.
  8. Yeah....Maybe she dragged some random person off the streets and into MOCA. That about 10 times....
  9. I've seen others, charge over 2500 grand over one simple looking bag with the hand and feet.. I think:lol::rolleyes: isn't that GREEEEEDYYYYYYY bastards.. :cursing::rolleyes::lol: sorry
  10. I think the seller would
    ve made a smarter move removing the other items from the auction.
    It cheapens the deal when it's set up like that, doesen't look very "pecial" nor exclusive..
  11. I agree Liberte.
  12. Wow that is alot.
  13. stupid, people like that don't give people who realllly want that bag a change, well they do but not for a normal price

    same thing with the roberto cavalli for h&m thing
    on tis dutch eBay kind of website allready about 400 items are listed..so sad
  14. :wtf: OMG!!

    Brady Bunch family eh???