Okay there are HUNDREDS of birds in my yard

  1. I have never seen anything like this... one or two birds every now and then, sure. But... It's like a bad horror movie. (Birds creep the heck out of me.)
    This is just so strange. :confused1:
    They look black with shiney dark blue heads... all of them. :o
  2. Eeeek! What are they doing in your yard? How long have they been there? That is so creepy, a few I can imagine but hundreds?
  3. Don't be scared its most likely a flock of Common Grackle :smile: .
    Do they look like this ?
  4. they're just making a pit stop. probably migrating with the changing of the season. they'll move on.
  5. Wow, I would be scared too. Maybe they are doing what bagnshoofetish said, just a stop before migrating.
  6. hehe, Yep, I *think* they are gone... I'm a bit to go out to my car in the dark though! They were hopping all over the roof and it sounded like santa up there ;p
    Most of them flew in the woods when I opened the door, but:



    I am terrified of getting pooped on by birds, lmao.
  7. just be honored that they found your property an inviting place to rest and grab a bite before they moved on!:smile:
  8. Yes, I'm sure that's what it is! :yes:

    That had happened in my backyard as well 10 years ago - several hundred birds.
    We had a very old, very tall pine tree in our backyard and many of them were perched there. Some were perched on the roof of the house, the fence, etc...
    Then, after approximately one hour, they all flew away together. It was quite a beautiful sight! I was sitting by the kitchen window watching for the whole hour when the birds were there. :smile:
  9. They are just making a pit stop. We get them here in the fall, usually in the morning. They seem to go from yard to yard. I can see how seeing so many birds on the lawn and in the trees can freak you out. Once they hear a noise they move away to another yard, so you don't have to worry at all. They won't hurt you. My kids love to throw bread outside for them, they think it's neat to see so many.
  10. Birds creep me out too!! Hopefully they'll move on soon.
  11. time to send your kitties out!!
    MEOW! hee hee~ j/k
  12. lol :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. Yuckers, I bet that it was a bunch of grackles--hate those birds--loud, pooping machines.

    I always get creeped out when I come home and the birds are lined up on my rooftop--eek!!!!!!!!!!