Okay,the sweetest BF ever...


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Aug 6, 2008
The Great State of Texas
I begged him to go and get me the apple lanyard for my son's teacher since I knew they made it to the outlet...I wanted it for her Christmas present from my son. Well, I am on bed rest so my bf said to call and put it on hold and he would go get it for me...so...he called on the way back saying he picked me up a few goodies...aWWWW! Here they are!

he says he got this because he was a frog but now he's my prince! lol....i told him...wow you think so much of yourself...lol!

soooo cute! i can't wait to give it to her!

maybe he thought I needed this will all the pills I'm taking! lol

When I opened the bag he clipped the breast cancer heart on for me!!!!!!


Jul 25, 2007
He is a keeper for sure! That was very sweet of him - he sounds like a great guy. Love your goodies, and I hope you are back on your feet very soon.


Gotta have them all!
Jan 15, 2008
land of sand & hot
Awww what a sweet BF--hope you will feel better soon! I love your frog fob, I have one too but I have yet to use him since I have so many.