Okay, someone please ease mind.....

  1. Tell me your thoughts on this and whether or not I should be concerned about this.
    About a week ago, I got a blood test done at the hosptial as part of a pre-op testing. After the blood test, my arm was more sore than usual, I felt like I couldn't bend it. Now, a week later, I have this huge bruise near the site of where the blood was drawn. I also have these pink/red lines, like bruise lines I guess they're called, they look like scratches, but are part of the bruise, and they are from the bruise up to above my elbow. They are vertical lines. Since I noticed them a few days ago, they haven't progressed and I haven't seen anymore. Also, that arm has been extremely sore, I can't do anything strenuous with it or lay on it or anything like that. I have never had this kind of reaction to a blood test before, as a matter of fact, I had a blood test about two weeks before this one, and it didn't even bruise.
    Since this was done in a hospital, I am confident that the needle was sterile. Is this normal at all, especially with these lines that extend up my arm? I really don't feel like going to yet another doctor for something that is normal, as I am tired of running back and forth to the doctor as this point. Could it be a skin infection, even though it was a blood test with sterile needle? And if it was blood poisioning, wouldn't I have noticed by now? Is this something I need to worry about? Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. Also, I have no other abnormal symptoms such as fever or anything like that.
  3. It doesn't sound right to me at all. I can understand that you're tired of all the doctors, but you really should go and get it checked out.
  4. I've had many many many blood tests because I used to have cancer. Sometimes my arm was fine, and sometimes they must have stuck me wrong because boy was I in pain and bruised! They probably hit your nerve/muscle a bit and it's sore. I think it's fine but if it makes you feel better, get it checked out.
  5. I was in the hospital and had blood tests every day, one day this new guy took my blood and it hurt. The next day I had a huge purple bruise. Then I had an IV and the line damaged something in my arm so when I would bend it it hurt and that lasted for almost a year. The lines sound odd though and I think it's perfectly OK to check with the doctor and ask.
    So sorry you went through that!
  6. You have been the victim of someone with poor venipuncture skills. Do not worry. It's just a bruise, albeit large, ugly, and painful. It will go away with time.
  7. Thanks for your replies everyone!! I guess instead of going to a whole separate doctor, I have an appt. monday with my uro for a follow-up and I'll probably just mention it to him then. It just looks bad and it hurts! The only thing of concern to me are the lines, it's odd, but it probably is worth mentioning.
    Cbetht and chloebagfreak: I hope you two are doing okay! I couldn't imagine getting blood tests that often.
  8. I had ulcerative colitis and was anemic with a very high white count from an infection. They had to keep poking me in the arm to check if the infection was better and if I needed a transfusion, but I didn't. I am OK now- it's been tow years-Thank Goodness!
  9. You should have it checked out by a doctor just in case. I had an infection in my vein from a cat scratch that had the line spreading out from the scratch and no fever or other symptoms. It did not clear up till I got antibiotics, but i did go in to see my doc as soon as I saw the line.
  10. Chloebagfreak: That's awful! You are very brave to be able to go through all that. Stay healthy! :smile:
    Glamfoxx: Yikes. That might be what I have with those lines, my first thought was skin infection. But the antibiotic I am taking now, it's Levaquin, and it also treats skin infections, aside from why I need it, so I think I am safe either way. Still, I do plan on asking my doctor monday about it, because it is soooooooooo sore. Thanks!!
  11. Yes, definitely ask your doc about it.