Okay...so whats next....

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  1. If any of you has seen my From zero to....thread, you know that i have landed on the H land fast and furious. 4 months and 17 items later, i am already thinking about my next H bag. So...as the subject stated, what should be my next purchase? (Evil grin)

    I am very into casual look which is why I am not drawn to the Birkin and the Kellys yet. So far i have Evelyne gm, so kelly 26 and lindy 34. So you from there you can tell that i like roomy, everyday bag.
    First: bicolor picotin gm ( but not 100 pct assured unless i probably see it in person ). Does the bicolor picotin only come in the side by side color vs inside out like dbl sens?
  2. Oops posting got cut off...

    Second option is Massai but haven't seen any Massai lately except for the cut version? Are they no longer avail?

    Third is probably bolide. But if i have an LV Alma is that too similar in style?

    And of course i will take more suggestions :smile:
  3. The Massai Cut is available still, in PM and GM sizes, and have you considered the Marwari? A very slouchy, casual bag with an exterior pocket.
  4. Toolbox or Constance?
  5. I think the Massai Cut is a great choice (I actually prefer the shorter Cut to the longer original version, when it comes to the GM size). I wear it for work and going out, so you can dress it up or down; plus it comes with a longer strap so you have the option to wear it crossbody if you want; Next up would be the Victoria.
  6. Congrats on joining the orange slide. Agree with men on a Massai cut. Simple and understated.
  7. Birkin is actually pretty casual.....
  8. My Marwari GM is a fabulous large tote, and it's completely under the radar. I brought mine back out this month and was surprised to hear my boyfriend say it was his favorite bag of mine. The nonchalance and the large panels of gorgeous leather are the reasons I love it.

    But my favorite bag of all time has to be the Bolide. Easy to wear, easy to use, easy to carry, easy on the eyes . . . I even use it as a work tote when I have a meeting out of my home office and need to bring a computer.
  9. Massai is available and I suggest you chose lighter leather because mine is clemence and it is more heavier than a clemence lindy 30/
  10. I quite like the Massai (not the Massai Cut, but Massai). I have only the one H bag and that is a 30 Lindy in Blue Jean and have been plotting as to what my next bag would be. I'd like to say it'd be a Victoria FT since it's easier to find than the Massai but if I could find both in a H store, I'd probably choose the Massai.
  11. Agreed! Birkin is a casual bag to me. Besides that I recommend Massai cut or toolbox. I don'e believe the original Massai is in production right now.
  12. IMO, u could try Kelly, it is much casual & understated than birkin. U could wear it cross the body
  13. Bolide.
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions. I did consider Kelly multiple times but considering about the practicality of the flap/ closure ( i never strap my so kelly and just leave it open but I always carry on the shoulder and the bag is deep enough for things to fall out).

    I like orig Massai better but i think if i get the larger massai cut, they will look longer than the 32?

    Also ideally i would like something with bicolor since all my bags are solid colors. I always adore those reveals of bicolor bags, which is why i also consider picotin gm.

    Does the bolide come in diff color lining or bicolor straps or variations?
  15. Victoria or plume elan?