Okay, so now I'm lemming a Tokidoki necklace!!

  1. When does the madness end??? :nuts:

    Who has one, what is it and do ya love it??? LOL

    Are they as nice quality as they appear to be on the websites? It says real silver! :rolleyes:

    Love to hear your thoughts...I'm thinking I need a necklace to go with my bags! :yes:
  2. Yeah, I thought so too...now I own 3 of them!:nuts: I only intended to own two....and meant to return the 3rd one....but then...you know...

    Anyway, there are sterling ones...they're charms only (I believe) and over $100 each...

    the necklaces I have are silver-toned (although on Azalea's website it claimed they were sterling and that is a mistake) I have the rainbow, the peach face & latte. The charms are double sided (very cool) and they're enamel. The chains tend to look more stainless steel after you wear them for a little while. (I've had mine a couple of months) The Latte necklace IMO doesn't look quite as nice as the rainbow & peach. Colors aren't as brite, charm is thicker...

    I love wearing them and they're much easier to change out than my bags!
  3. I don't own the sterling silver one...just the real one. I wear mine SOMETIMES. I love the playground bracelet though :biggrin:
  4. Just got my bastardino and he's super cute! I want a silver bullet, though, but I haven't seen any online lately. :push:
  5. I was going to get the rainbow one today :sad: but the last one Jamie had was a wittle broken at the clasp... I want one of the dog tags also :smile: they're so cute!
  6. I hate trendystars' website, it's so obnoxious...

    And I see it's backordered. Boo. Thanks, though!

    Forces me to stick with my latte t shirt, till more bullets come in. :yes:
  7. what's "the real one"? I didn't know they anything any nicer than the sterling.
  8. I think I mean to write REGULAR. HAHA. Sometimes I mess up my words when my fingers type faster than my head can think lol.


    cost more than this kind:
  9. oh ok. It thought that maybe I was missing out on a platinum rainbow with rubies and sapphire or something.
  10. awww. lol. you're not serious right? haha. sorry -- my stupid post was messed up.
  11. Not really, but I've seen some pretty crazy jewelry at my store and stuff so one never knows :shrugs:
  12. i have the rainbow and the pink bullet- LOVE IT! But I was really sad that the pink bullet the paint would chip, so I dont wear it, mozzarella does!!
  13. How heavy are the necklaces and chains?
  14. It's what the well dressed cow with a gun is wearing this season. :smile: