Okay, So, Nicole Looks Stunning Here !

  1. How is it that she can go from looking spectacular one day to looking like she's knocking on death's door the next?! :confused1: But you're right, she does look stunning here!
  2. She looks great here!!! Glad to see she's finally gained some weight....
  3. Its called makeup and stylists.... LOL
  4. This totally cracked me up! :tup: ITA. I'm confused too. Maybe it's photoshop, or a good angle, or the right outfit to make her look less Skeletor-ish.....?

    It's been said umpteen billion times already, but I wish she'd gain like 5-10 pounds. She has the most exquisite face...shame to see her body so emaciated.
  5. stunning indeed.
  6. She does look really good in that pic
  7. She's not put weight on - it's the dress - all those folds. She's still skeletor underneath! It's a nice look however.
  8. She looks very pretty!! It is surprising to see the difference in someones appearance with the right clothes and makeup.
  9. I never thought 85 pounds could look so good on an expectant mother.......surprise!
  10. She does look really pretty. I hope she is trying to stay healthy!
  11. nice photo, completely agree :smile:
  12. Wow, she's so beautiful!
    I love her dress. :heart:
  13. She does look great!
  14. She looks really good!!