OKay~ So my spending habits have increased TREMENDOUSLY! My Loot!

  1. I was on a ban SERIOUSLY:wtf:...until for some unknown reason I had to have these 2 bags.

    1. Sophie~ price was right...very versitile. She came in today (fabulously packed I might add) all the way from Hawaii. She was gently used and had a little jean rubbing on vachetta. Only verly light tiny surface scratches on the plaque. I immediately used magic eraser (jean color came right off) and used a leather protector on her. She looks BRAND new:heart:

    2. Beverly MM~ saw a couple of tPF'rs and OMG! Gorgy! I thought what a fabulous piece...elegant and yet can be casual. I love the mix of vachetta and formal style with a hint of pin-tuck in regards to the canvas. The gold hardware ...is just purely stunning. Oh and the feet to protect the bottom! WOW~ my only bag with that feature. I debated the GM but...was concerned about being too big, double straps and the vachetta continues onto the bottom of the bag...scary for me.
    Next~ I ordered appleguard to spray my Beverly as she is to get only the very best protectant. I am not overly "safe" with my bags...

    I just HAD to share these with all of you. tPF is such a great place for me to come chat and share. I have learned so much and met great fabulous people. AND~ thanks to all of you....I have a beautiful collection of cherished LOUIS VUITTON:heart:
    0707LV sophiebeverly 001.jpg 0707LV sophiebeverly 002.jpg 0707LV sophiebeverly 003.jpg 0707LV sophiebeverly 004.jpg
  2. I know...its terrible. I just bought two bags and have a third I just have to have.
  3. Congratulations! You have great taste!
  4. :girlsigh:Thank you...my taste has definitely evolved over the (almost a year) that I have been a member of tPF. I have learned that it is not about quantity but ever lasting quality and class. At first I bought items just because they were a good price, not because I was in :heart:. Now~ I spend the $$$ and get what I really truely have to have...I covet them more now. I learned this from all the wonderful members here.
  5. They look great! Congrats on the new purchases!
  6. Congrats! Those are real beauties!!
  7. Congrats!!
    I love them both:smile:
  8. YAY!!! Fabulous purchases jen!!! Congrats!!!! The more I see the Beverly....I like it....I really need to try it on one day!
  9. Thanks!:yahoo:...Kaiie, Jessie and John...Thanks for sharing in my excitement!!!!Woooooo HOOOO!!!

    I am in LOLOLOVE!
  10. They are beautiful :drool: Congrats!
  11. Congrats! Those two are gorgeous..! :heart:
  12. congrats on those 2 beautiful bags.....enjoy!!
  13. OMG, I adore the Sophie and the Beverly! You have exquisite taste, well done! Enjoy them both!
  14. Yay Ghost! Pretty bags. Enjoy them!
  15. They're both fabulous. Great choices! :tup: