Okay so i've seen scribble/hamptons weekend patchwork anddddd


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Sep 12, 2006
its :busted (at least from the shoes)

It looks like the first scribble where it's drawn on and literally scribbly. The hamptons weekend patchwork has orange, green blue and etc and oh boy :/ There is also a new patchwork for the indigo/khaki like last year but it was hard to see it. I'm totally not feeling it at all.

HOWEVER spring keyfobs are way cute and I have two favorites. One is a gold heart that has Coach written on the center and it's like cut out and the other is conversation hearts! They dangle and say "kiss me, call me" etc & I loveeee them.

There are also some CUTEEEE shoes, all stores will carry a new tennis shoe, scribble barrett shoe, flip flop and also a patchwork espadrille type shoe.
i'm actually so-so on that golden heart keyfob

i actually loveeeeeeeeeee the andrea satchel in fatigue..it's a olive green like color :smile:

another bag to add to my list of "wants"

did you see the hampton's black stripe wristlet? the bottom is definitely different this year! and the camel color is pretty, along with the red.

in case anyone's curious, there will be a duffle with a blue leather color on top

and the signature stripe, the punch color is definitely more pink then red, i saw the hat already, the color is too cute!

there's more in the january lookbook but the store was too busy :sad: didn't get a good look at it