Okay..So...Is it Okay to...

  1. Is it okay to carry the paddy w/o the padlock?!

    I love my new baby...but as I stuff her with all my necessities...it weighs like 40 pounds on my arm~ I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice blood circulation on my arm anymore...haha :wtf:

    I understand that the padlock is a signature to the purse...but...do you think others will think I'm carrying a fake or wutever else if I have a paddy on my arm w/o the lock? I just don't want to be bombarded by pple askn me where my lock is..or why i dont have one..or etc etc etc...

    Anyone agree? advice...please.
  2. To answer your question, yes. I think it's fine to carry the paddy any way you choose, it's your bag! Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Those who are knowledgeable will know your bag is real. ;) What's important is you love the bag and are comfortable carrying it! :heart:
  3. Snosno, I think i'll be doing that...the padlock is soo heavy for everyday use...I dont think i could have it on all the time, my shoulders are bad as it is :smile:
  4. This is one of the things that put me off buying the Paddy from the start.

    Of course, it is totally up to you, but I, personally, think that the padlock is pretty much the main feature of the bag; so it's a great shame to remove it.

    But, if you leave it on, it's heavy and you can't even wear it on your shoulder, without it being stuffed up under your armpit!

    Beautiful as it is, the Paddy doesn't really follow the rule of 'Form follows function.', does it? :shrugs:

    Sorry I couldn't be more positive! :s
  5. i find it much more comfy on my shoulder, but yeah, it is lighter w/o the lock...

    it's still v nice, still recognisable as a paddy, some people may ask where it is, but i think it still looks good, not like a fake at all..
  6. ^ I agree. :yes:

    Anyone with an ounce of sense/knowledge would know that the fakes also have locks!

    So, not having one, doesn't make it look fake, at all.
  7. i don't use the locks
  8. I think bag *itself* is just heavy - LOL

    The padlock weighs about 5 oz, IIRC
  9. I think that's the price you pay for having a beautiful bag. OF course wear it the way you want to wear it, but i love the hardware, especially the lock!!!!
  10. Hey D&G!

    Love the new avatar :love:
  11. I haven't used my padlock for months - I still get lots of comments about my bag, and nobody's mentioned the missing padlock.
    And it's so much lighter and easier to get into, IMO....